Thursday, September 13, 2007

Once again we were fortunate to have visitors from Belgium at Beaverland. Our friends Peter, Marleen and daughter Maryke stayed for almost a week on the first leg of their trip to Canada.

Here is part of what they wrote upon leaving for Ottawa...."We had a most wonderful time at Beaverland Camp, much more than we ever expected. We got to taste a bit of life up North, especially with you showing us around the place. Of course too short, but that's life. We hope that you come over to visit are always welcome in our house and can stay as long as you wish!"

What a great time we all had, especially during a quieter time at the camp. The Marten River Provincial Park's Logging Museum was a great opportunity for our guests to see first hand the history and stories of logging in the area, especially since Beaverland had it's beginnings as a logging camp many years ago. Thanks to Diane at the Park for a personal tour of the museum and a great explanation of all the artifacts.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Early morning on the MArten

Whoa there's already feeling like Fall here! Sorry for being so tardy in keeping the Beaverland site current, but it's good to have it up again. Some new things happening in camp. The row of old log cabins on the waterfront have been removed to open up green space and a beautiful view of the water. Many of the logs and lumber were saved for future use. Not a tire was damaged with nails either!

Pictured here are the crew who worked on the last cabin. Grandson Travis, who spent the summer at the camp, had a rare opportunity to work along side both of his Grandfathers on this day. Grampa Albert is in the driver's seat, Grampa Ray is kneeling beside Travis who is leaning on the tire. Pictured behind is Philip Gagne, our summer helper. It was a bittersweet moment to see the last of the historical waterfront cabins gone.