Saturday, September 16, 2006

.and we can't forget about Alexis - our newest grandbaby! Here she poses with an Inuksuk (pronounced E-nuk-sook) at the entrance to Beaverland Camp. The Inuksuk is an ancient symbol of the Canadian North and is a sentinel to travellers, guiding them safe passage. Each part of the whole Inuksuk is crucial to its existance. Welcome Alexis and safe passage back to B.C. Posted by Picasa

Better late than never! It was July 1st Canada Day weekend when Albert celebrated his Big 6-0 with a surprize party with lots of family & friends storming the camp for fun, food and lots of laughs and reminiscing. Dear friends Johan Janssens and Luk & Hilde DeSmet from Belgium made the trip to celebrate with us and also take a little tour of southern Ontario where they had worked as exchange students on the Cloet family tobacco farm.
Thanks to our family for taking time to spend the week with us. It really was a great time! Pictured here is the Big Guy himself with his special Birthday/Canada Day hat, our son, Mike from Mackenzie B.C. and Elaina Stidham, long time guest from Ohio, USA. Happy Birthday Al! We luv U!
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